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2009 international civil engineering in France with construct the machine exposition

  International civil engineering in France with construct the machine exposition INTERMAT start to create in 1988, is the engineering machine of world with construct the machine realm of three one of the name exhibitions, hold every three years.That exhibition be constructed by Europe committee( CECE) sponsor, many in the last yearses enjoys the engineering of誉world, building machine profession.That exhibition in 2003 with 350,000 the hair area of square meterses become the biggest exposition of France.The exhibition contents includes the civil engineering machine, derrick械, parts and the accessories of zero, road machine, scoop out machine, concrete machine, scaffold...etc..

  The INTERMAT of the 2003 see the very Chinese market, joining the exhibition the company for China to release a special item with the audience?" Chinese day".The large building machine of the international top pays attention to particularly to the Chinese market with the engineering machine manufactory, they constructs with China machine, engineering machine and zero parts manufactory close quarter contacts and talks over on exposition and" Chinese day"s the cooperation produces, the zero parts supply buys with the world.Although because of the influence of the " not典", part of Chinese exhibitions the company coulds not to go abroad to join the exhibition, still having 1300 exhibitions the company to attend the INTERMAT for 2003 years, join the exhibition the area amount to 350,000 square meter, among them 87% comes from 40 national nations join the exhibition the company;The audience comes to a 180200 people who make record, among them 42% is a foreign profession audience.2004 whole building is heavy to get better with the public works profession, increasing the rate near 2%, the equipments market also has to increase, will increase continuously in 2005.

  The exposition of INTERMAT will create in each one in 2006 new record in that exhibition, up to May of 05 years,80% exhibition area has sold.INTERMAT 2006 of the internationalization color will be thicker:Have registered of join the exhibition the business enterprise inside,65% is an international business enterprise.Chinese business enterprise will at reside the exhibition center in the center a building exhibition of the position.

Adresse:The Parisian north suburb vl class exhibits the building
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