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Foodex China (Zhejiang) 2012

  • City:
  • hangzhou
  • Organizer:
  • Hangzhou Topservice Exhibition Co.,Ltd.(21 food .com sub-company)
  • Undertaker:
  • Sustainer:
  • Exhibition:
  • Expo Date:
  • 2012-11-22 - 2012-11-24
  • Post Date:
  • 2012-08-01
  • Venue:
  • Zhejiang Hangzhou World Trade Center (Hall 1, 2, 5, 6)

Foodex China 2012, the International Food & Beverage Exhibition in China (Zhejiang Province), is organized by Hangzhou Topservice Exhibition Co.,Ltd., with Zhejiang branch of CCPIT and Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce as co-organizer. It is aiming at building in East China a branded food industry B2B tradeshow, which is both international and professional. The Exhibition area is expected to be 15,000 square meters. Exhibitors will be manufacturers and suppliers of high quality food and beverage from all over the world. It’s such a big trade event in food industry that you can’t miss! 8 Sub-Exhibitions Frozen Food Area Wine & Spirit Area Edible Oil & Olive Oil Area Global Snack Food Area Health & Functional Food Area Organic & Vegetarian Food Area Food Packing & Processing Machinery Area Coffee & Tea Area Why Foodex China? More and more Chinese export enterprises choose to develop domestic market since export’s been not so smooth due to financial crisis in America and Europe. Innovative B2B Tradeshow: Based on our B2B portal-21Food’s huge database and the features of E-commerce, Foodex China fully connects the online and offline, allows exhibitors to meet all targeting audience from food industry. Huge Procurement Resources: With over 2,000,000 daily visits, 800,000 registered members, 21Food can find you matchable trade leads easily and effectively. Quality Professional Buyer Resources: 21Food’s been in good contact with a great number of global buyers by attending annually over 30 tradeshows abroad, and 100 domestic tradeshow at home. We will invite professional buyer group to source at Foodex China with the help of domestic or overseas government associations. Abundant Concurrent Activities:During Foodex China 2012, there will be holding events like Global Buyers Sourcing Meeting, Seminars, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises E-commerce Farmout Forum, etc. Powerful Support: Foodex China is always ready to solve your problems and concerns and exhibitors will have nothing to worry about. Import and Export Platform Promoting: Foodex China is not just about products display or trade channels, but it’s also a platform for leading the new trends of food industry and exchanging new products. Extensive Media Promotion: Foodex China will have more than 50 medias attending via 21Food’s 10 year plus professional media channels, which surely guarantees exhibitors and their brands to make enough exposure. Government Support on Imported Food Market: With the appreciation of RMB, import has become one of the main focuses of government. The huge potential of imported food in Zhejiang has drawn great attention from our local government and their great support on Foodex China. Professional Visitors – By Business Type Traders/Distributors/Wholesalers 40% Importers 10 % Hotels & Restaurants 15 % Food Processing Industry 15 % Food Service Providers 10 % Others 10 % Forums Food & Beverage Online (, is the biggest and most influential B2B portal specialized in food industry, and it has over 10 years’ experience in facilitating the trade between global importers and exporters. Since 2009, 21Food has been holding many kinds of sourcing meetings, such as an annually held Global Buyers Sourcing Meeting which is co-organized with SIAL China committee, a Food Packing Sourcing Meeting, Seafood Buyers Sourcing Meeting, Argentina-Chinese Food Distributors Sourcing Meeting and so on. Meanwhile, 21Food has also been organizing all kinds of professional forums and seminars on food industry and E-commerce. All of these offline events and activities have accumulated for 21Food a lot of buyer, importer and distributor resources and guaranteed 21Food a very good channel for organizing Foodex China. 1. The 2nd “Food in China” Forum1. “Food in China” Forum – Food Safety Background: In 2011, there were quite a few hot spot issues of food safety problems in China. Food safety has become a very important concern of the public. How to fully understand the food index, how to keep up with food policies and systems, how to control risks of unexpected emergencies? Find your answer at “Food in China” Forum on Food Safety!Speaker: Food Safety Expert Team 2. “Food in China” Forum – E-commerce Farmout Background: Many enterprises have no idea about how to make it at E-market while they have great brand strength, production capacity and sales channels. They may be wondering why some rival enterprises can get a big share in E-market while they cannot. What is E-commerce Farmout? Why should enterprises do it? What are the latest trends of E-commerce Farmout?...“Food in China” Forum on E-commerce Farmout will answer all of these questions! Speaker: Leading Experts at Food Industry E-commerce 3. "Food in China" Forum ---- Direct Taobao Marketing/Distribution Farmout Background: More and more consumers are getting used to buying from online. There have been a great number of examples that an E-shop achieved over 1,000,000 RMB monthly sales for just one product. Enterprises may be thinking of questions like, how to start direct marketing at E-market, how large is the market for Taobao direct sales, what risks is behind it…Questions will be answered at "Food in China" Forum on Direct Taobao Marketing/Distribution Farmout. Speaker: B2C Expert Team 4. "Food in China" Forum ---- How to Choose an F2F Portal for Global Marketing Background: With B2B and B2C becoming a hit in marketing. F2F, namely, Face to Face, the traditional marketing means gradually fades. However, exhibition, as one of the most important forms of F2F, is always very helpful in getting potential clients or consolidating business relationship, especially in big purchasing decisions. Many enterprises spend much money on oversea exhibitions but gain very little. What are the reasons for it? How to choose the right tradeshows? Find answers at "Food in China" Forum on How to Choose an F2F Portal for Global Marketing. Chinese Food Retailers & Distributors Negotiation Meeting: This negotiation meeting is specially held for exhibitors to have a business meeting with most famous Chinese food retailers and distributors during the exhibition. We’ll specially invite many well-known buyers to the meeting. Buyers will include retailers at home and abroad, like Wal-mart-China, Wal-mart-U.S. , TESCO, Metro, Target, Auchan, Watsons, Manning, Lotus, Bailian Group, Aeon, RT-Mart, Dollar Tree-China, Dollar Tree-U.S., RT-Mart-China, Dashang Group-China, Century Hualian-China, Carrefour-China, Vanguard-China, Woolworths Procurement-H.K., Woolworths-Australia, Yoto-Japan, Simpac-United Kingdom, Russkaya Cosmetika-Russia, Overseas Trading-U.K., Otto Schachinger-Australia, Healthy Life Styles-U.S., Hola-China, Japan Management-Japan, Jacomo-France, Lotte Super-Korea, Vinico-Malayisa, UTO Asia-Singapore, and also lots of professional distributors, traders and wholesalers, etc. The 5th 21Food Global Buyers Sourcing Meeting Buyers Sourcing Meeting is one of the offline services that 21Food holds annually since 2009. It’s a face-to-face business negotiation meeting for global buyers to build up business relationship with pre-matched Chinese suppliers in an easiest and most effective way. In 2011, at the 3rd 21Food Global Buyers Sourcing Meeting, which had over 50 well-known buyers from 25 countries such as USA, Russia, Netherlands, Singapore, UAE, Canada, Thailand, and Pakistan, at least 15 initial procurement agreements were reached and the contract amount reached 9,000,000 USD. Features of the sourcing meeting:* Face-to-face business negotiations: enable buyers and suppliers to get to know each other well.* Professional Pre-matching and Services: save buyers and suppliers much time and energy, and help get successfully matched effectively

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  • anya zhang
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