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2,007 international gifts, home goods transnational procurement fairs

  Technology gifts wearing apparel domestic supplies digital electronic advertisements, Commodities marketing office supplies business supplies religious educational supplies collection of sports tourism souvenirs Recreation Sports intellectual development of health products , toys, gifts and crafts festival features ethnic fashion jewelry gifts

Adresse:Shanghai WTO Mall
2007 China (Beijing) pictures, calendars, festive Fair

  New Year couplets categories : couplets, pictures, door god, the central scroll, couplet calendars table calendar categories : calendars, table calendar, greeting cards, posters, calendars, tag, calendar, calendar, Lee matter closed, the Christmas postcards supplies categories : Christmas supplies, Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts lanterns, papercuts lanterns categories : paper cutting handicrafts, paper lanterns, paper cutting festivals supplies categories : festive decoration, festive lanterns, festive gifts. jubilant supplies, happy gifts, crafts, candles, fireworks, a frame, the painting parking, advertising gifts, business gifts, stationery categories : Business notebooks, notebook, office permission APRIL other categories : home accessories, and decorative painting Code name products. Gift packaging, philatelic appearance, souvenirs, equipment, raw materials : raw materials lanterns, paper cutting raw materials, calendars of raw materials, raw materials couplets, pictures of raw materials, raw materials and supplies Christmas ink, paint, white paper, cardboard, paper Gold, silver cardboard, coated paper, glass, cardboard, Coated Paper, offset paper, renewable offset paper, specialty paper, red paper mill, red paper couplets written on red paper, adhesives plant, Glitter pulp, Flocking Pulp, peritoneal gum, powder Glitter, Glitter film, reflective powder, compact powder, laser films, appropriate temperature for a few minutes, pearl powder, Wu Guanzheng powder, Flocking hair, hair viscose, rayon flocking hair, it villi, the Hot-pressure, tipping paper, screen printing inks, couplet printing ink, double-sided plastic, water-soluble white latex; The production of the new products technical equipment machinery categories : lanterns paper cutting machinery couplets calendars with pictures of Christmas supplies and equipment needed for production machinery. (New Year couplets Offset Offset Screen Press Hot-pressure Slicer couplets tipping paper pictures tipping paper calendars tipping paper machine Flocking electrostatic flocking machine couplet Cutter District polishing machine indentation lot plane color gravure printing press machine dryer Stretching things closure Lee scraper, etc.)

Adresse:China International Exhibition Center
Eighth Xi'an International Gift Crafts Exhibition

  1. Gifts : advertising gifts, electronic gifts, fashion jewelry, crystal products, watches, luggage, leather goods, stationery, small electrical appliances, various calendars, ceramic products, sculpture, fine gifts and toys;

  2. Crafts : arts and crafts, bronze, metal crafts, metal crafts, ceramic art, silk crafts, resin crafts, bamboo crafts, Antique technology, four treasure of the study, laser technology, pop jewelry;

  3. Tourist Commodities : souvenirs, ethnic handicrafts, folk art, collectibles, travel ethnic costumes and throughout the product, Tourism supplies, tents, sleeping bags, travel and sports goods;

  4. Cultural artefacts : antique pictures, coins, porcelain, and other collectibles; 5. Household items : family jewelry, household furnishings, household consumer goods, family health products, children's products, entertainment facilities and supplies.

Adresse:Xi'an International Exhibition Center
Fifth China Yiwu International Crafts Fair and gifts and household products exhibition

  Souvenirs; Gifts, gifts and promotional materials; Home products, accessories and home textiles; Outdoor tourism, leisure and fitness equipment, supplies; Simulation plants, Christmas and holiday items; Glass products, tableware and ceramics; paintings, frames, picture frames, framed; & rattan and bamboo and wood carvings rocks; leather goods, luggage, handbags; infant and children's products; watches, glasses and jewelry; small appliances; shelf products, furnishing; color box packaging products

Adresse:China Commodity City Exhibition Center
Sixth China International toys, baby supplies and model Exhibition

  Software toys, dolls class model, Mechanical outdoor / sporting goods category plastic electronics authorization animated cartoon category baby supplies category holiday article for use kind of education verse, Stationery category plastic inflatable type category of children's books

Adresse:Shanghai New International Expo Center
12th Macao International Trade and Investment Macau International leisure products Tourism Exhibition

  Tourism and leisure products native product of green food gifts

Fifth China International Gifts, Premium and Houseware Fair

  Souvenirs, gifts and fine arts and crafts, ethnic handicrafts, ceramics and jewelry household items, kitchen supplies, watches, stationery, office supplies electronic products, toys, handbags and luggage and fashion accessories, Cosmetic tourism and sports goods

Adresse:Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall
2007 Hunan gifts, handicrafts and household products exhibition

  1, gifts gifts : gifts (gifts / souvenirs), advertising promotional materials, leather goods, watches, table calendar calendars, art, handicrafts, picture frames, decorative painting, toys, Christmas gifts, sporting goods,'s Smoking Set, travel goods, ceramics, wax art, such as lacquerware.

  2, Crafts : metal crafts, ceramic crafts, and Craft and carved sculptures crafts, silk crafts, resin technology, folk art, handicrafts, wooden handicrafts, rattan iron products, artificial flowers, exquisite lighting umbrella fan Penny Huang, four treasure of the study abstract embroidered, embroidery, bamboo and rattan palm grass, dyeing clothes, costumes and props, popular jewelry;

  3, domestic appliances : small household electronic products, washing beauty supplies, bedroom items, maternal and infant supplies, tableware, your raincoats or umbrellas, pans, knives, small kitchen tools, textile fabric, lighting, bamboo art, home decorations, household cleaning products, Antique furniture.

Adresse:Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center
Fifth Xiamen gifts and home accessories exhibition

  1, souvenirs, gifts and toys

  2, daily crafts, crafts, household goods and utensils-

  3, home decorations

  4 horticultural supplies, stationery and paper products

  5,Decorative Painting

  6 decorative painting and supporting products : raw and auxiliary materials, design, technology patents, IT media

Adresse:Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center
14th Guangzhou Autumn gifts and stationery gift exhibition

  Gifts and promotional gifts, electronic gifts and household items, appliances, bathroom, exquisite lighting, business gifts, travel, home furnishings, outdoor living supplies, platinum (Yellow) jewelry, souvenirs, handbags and luggage, artificial flowers, exquisite metal kitchen utensils. Fashion watches, smoking supplies, Christmas decorations, gifts packaged sets tableware, silk technology, product packaging, popular accessories, health and beauty products, crafts, flowers / plants, rattan iron, crystal and glassware, photo album, ceramic gifts, Home finishing box, four treasure of the study, coin and stamp collections, frame and frame, toys and baby supplies, and Craft, artificial flowers, crafts, gifts, party supplies, gifts and decorative auto supplies, pumping embroidery, embroidery, bamboo and rattan brown grass. Stationery and office supplies categories : authoring tools table stationery, paper products cards notebook folder stationery, office supplies children art supplies students Stationery

Adresse:Guangzhou, Liu Hua Lu Jin Han Exhibition Center
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