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China International Knitting Trade Fair

Leading Organizer China National Textile & Apparel Council (CNTAC): Organizers: China Knitting Industry Association (CKIA) The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT (CCPIT TEX) Knitting products, featured with the special structure and excellent performance, are widely applied to various garments such as underwear, fashion, T-shirts, sweaters, sports wear etc. They are also widely used as industrial textiles in transportation, advertisement, electric power, automobile industries etc., apart from their fashion and home-textile regimes. To promote the development of Knitting products and technology, China Knitting Industry Association and CCPIT TEX will cooperatively organize "China International Knitting Trade Fair" (hereinafter referred to as "China Knitting") in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on August 29-31, 2007. "China International Knitting Trade Fair", underlining New Material, New Process, New Equipment, New Trend as priority, will turn out to be a calendar rendezvous for global knitting business, being state-of - the-art in its full dimensions. It is the organizers’ principle to invite only top grade enterprises that produce high qualified fashion knitwear, new knitting yarn, advanced knitting machinery etc. to exhibit the most advanced products related to knitting industry. Besides, we also cordially welcome following foreign knitting enterprises to attend "China Knitting": 1) Various fashion knitwear producers Indisputably, China is a huge market for knitting products as can be proven by its averaged RMB 200 Billion market consumption every year, with the increased rate of sales value in domestic market 10% higher than that in its overseas selling, further materializing its great domestic market potentials in a convincing trend in China. With this market trend setting, fashion and top grade foreign products are warmly welcomed by Chinese market as China, apart from being a giant producer, still has a series of challenging issues in its design ability and process technology that are found lagging behind from foreign advanced producers. It is an opportunity for you to introduce your fashion products in high-end Chinese market and to find partners in this exhibition of business environment. 2) New Knitting Yarn producer China is a huge consumption market for knitting yarns. The yarn used in knitting industry of China is estimated to be about 7 million tons per year. This awe-inspiring consumption, as we believe, will be a great opportunity for knit yarn producers to expand market in China. 3) Advanced knitting machinery producer: China is the biggest knitting machinery importer in the world to shore up a majority of a 8000 million-dollar textile machinery import market in China. Machinery manufacturers are also welcomed to the exhibition to exhibit your products in pictures and brochures in "China Knitting". "China Knitting", a great business platform for its "internationalization, specialization, high –tech orientation", is home to all thumbs-up knitting enterprises all over the world. Other activities during "China Knitting": 1) Knitting technology exchange forum. 2) Excellent products show that exhibit winning products in National design competitions about knitting products. 3) Knitting Products fashion trend publishing. If you are interested in China International Knitting Trade Fair, please contact: China Knitting Industry Association Address: Room 417, No. 12 East Chang An Street, Beijing, China PC:100742 Tel:86-10-85229455 /85229543 Fax:86-10-85229417 Contact: Cai Jianhua CCPIT TEX Address: Room 550, No. 12 East Chang An Street, Beijing, China PC:100742 Tel:86-10-85229098/85229062 Fax:86-10-85229059

Adresse:Shanghai New International Expo Centre
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