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2856 janitell rd #c, colorado springs, co 80906 

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2016-11-19 15:10:29
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BASE Electronics, Inc. BASE Electronics was formed in 1989 primarily to design, develope and produce various problem-solving innovations for the Security, Card Access and CCTV Industries. This Website is largely devoted to the products developed in these areas with most of the emphasis on low voltage power distribution. We have also been somewhat involved in the design and production of custom electronic instrumentation and controls for waferfab gas purification equipment and other interface devices for the Industrial Process Control field. Because of our background in electronic systems engineering and project management, we are devoted to many of the goals of our customers - namely to find better and faster ways of helping them complete complicated, high-tech projects. We've 'been there' and understand the hardware involved, the installation and service arena, the expertise needed and available to get these projects installed, and the things that can send a potentially successful project 'south'. Scott Brown Ted Ray Allen Foster Mark Basset Cathy Elston Kenny Moore Jim Greene Paul Jaramillo Ron Sommer Bob Hockenberry Rus Ibralic Mike Cannon Dave Foster Dorothy Brown Linda Ibanez Karen Hansen Sopheap Ros Vudy Ros Gina Taylor Vannak No Sengdao Saopraseuth Mike Brown Nuon Ros Pauline Welzel Bruce Nyman Dan DeWald Toni Romero Paul Montoya Corinna Vigil Greg Evans Albert Martinez Most of our Customers never see the people behind our products. But, as in any business, its the people who make the difference and get all things accomplished. Many of them are listed in the column to the right. Many of the ideas or features of our products were inspired or suggested by people who, on almost a daily basis, have had to deal with some of the problems that these products finally solved. Thats right - they're our Customers. So in honor of the many late hours these employees put into their work, we hope that in some way, our products have enabled them to go home earlier and more often to spend some time doing other things that they enjoy.