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High temperature flash memory

LDMF series(1Gb&4Gb) Flash Memory designed to store program code and/or data from acquisition. The wide temperature rating(-55℃~175℃) of this device makes it ideal for applications that need to pe

Hnyn Microelectronics

High temperature voltage regulator:

Comprising of temperature compensation reference source, error amplifier, regulate transistor, power-amplifier stage, current limiting protection network and etc.; all adopt imported chips; thick f

Hnyn Microelectronics

High temperature Quartz flexible accelerometer

HQA-T185 and HQA-T160 Quartz flexible accelerometer is a single-axis torque reaction type accelerometer to detect the external acceleration signal by detecting quality and then demodulated and ampl

Hnyn Microelectronics

DS Series High Temperature Directional Sensor

Our directional sensors have been widely used by the drilling companies for years. The sensor contain a 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer and 3-axis accelerometer packages, both calibrated to operate up

Hnyn Microelectronics

Battery Cables

SESCO can provide custom battery cables, grounding straps and/or kits to meet your heavy duty requirements


Cord Sets

SESCO can provide power supply cords for computers, business machines, hospitals, and appliances, and custom cord sets, for a national and international market.



SESCO is an authorized Re-Seller for Pepperl+Fuchsfactory automation sensors. We can customize a sensor to meet your requirements. Temperature sensors, proximity sensors, motion sensors,


Electro-Optical Assemblies

From a simple cut lead to Electro-Optical Assemblies, SESCO is your turnkey source for all your electrical assemblies.


Fiber Optic Cables

SESCO has partnered with Ratioplast-Optoelectronics, GmgH; a leading fiber optic manufacturer in Germany. SESCO will be the North America manufacturer of custom fiber optic cables and transmission


Din Rail Assemblies

A single Din Rail Assembly to multiple Din Rail Assemblies with complex wiring, SESCO will provide a custom assembly to meet your requirements.


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