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Falcon Flux Coater

The Falcon ICS 412 inline flux coating/wafer washing system is capable of dispensing up to 4 process fluids (2 standard – i.e. flux, bowl wash) on wafers ranging

Sikama International, Inc

Ultra Profile 4000

If the seven zones of the Ultra Profile 2000 aren’t enough to create the profiles you need, SIKAMA’s twelve-zone Ultra Profile 4000 is the machine you’re loo

Sikama International, Inc

Ultra Profile 2000

SIKAMA’s seven-zone Ultra Profile 2000 features our patented Conduction+Convection technology, combined with a cooled loading platform, four Conduction+Convection heat zones, a

Sikama International, Inc

Falcon Ultra Profile 1200

The Sikama UP1200 is a multi-purpose, continuous flow, SMT Reflow Soldering Oven capable of temperatures up to 400°C. The UP1200 can be used as a reflow solder oven as well as for epox

Sikama International, Inc

Falcon 1200

Sikama International’s Falcon 1200TM is a multi-purpose furnace capable of temperatures up to 420°C that can be used as a reflow solder system as well as for epoxy curing applications

Sikama International, Inc

Falcon 8500

Sikama’s 200mm reflow solder system is known as the Falcon 8500. Incorporating Sikama’s unique “thermal technology” based on conduction heating in combination with forced th

Sikama International, Inc

Falcon 5C

The Sikama Falcon 5C is a full-featured Conduction+Convection desktop reflow oven which produces big results, and gives you exceptional value for your reflow dollar. Our patented design for bal

Sikama International, Inc


SIKAMA’s hot plate offers an 8 by 8 inch cast aluminum platen to ensure a level and isothermic surface for surface mount reflow repair on various substrates, hybrid circuit fabrication and re

Sikama International, Inc

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