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Double Pole Double Throw, DPDT

Double Pole Double Throw relays supply two single double through relays, SPDT, in one relay package. This combination provides tremendous design flexibility. Dual circuit functions can be controlle


High Voltage Contactors - HX Series

GIGAVAC's HX Series EPIC® (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) hermetically sealed High Voltage DC Contactors are the world’s smallest UL508,cruus, approved contactors for 1000V


MIL & Heavy Duty Contactors - MX Series

GIGAVAC's MX Series EPIC® (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) sealed DC Contactors and AC contactors are designed to meet MIL-R-6106 and are especially suited for military vehicles an


Manual Disconnect Switches

GIGAVAC manual disconnect switches provide a level of sealed switching technology to meet any application requirement. All GIGAVAC manual disconnect switches incorporate important key features such


MiniTACTOR™ - P Series

GIGAVAC’s new line of patented switching devices, MiniTACTOR™ series of power contactors are small, lightweight and cost effective. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the hermeticall


Latching – Mono-Stable

Latching relays provide a unique feature that can be used in any basic relay form, SPST, SPDT, or DPDT. Most relays and contactors are considered “fail safe.” Fail safe relays require c


Single Pole Double Throw, SPDT

Single Pole Double Throw relays offer a normally open and a normally closed contact set in one relay. The moveable contact transfers continuity from one stationary contact to the other when the coi


Single Pole Single Throw, SPST

Single Pole Single Throw relays provide the most straightforward approach to isolation. A single stationary contact and a moveable contact furnish a simple on-off configuration. Forms include norma


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