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248 Condensate Accumulator

Biogas is usually hot and saturated when it leaves the digester. It continues to cool as it goes through the piping system causing water condensate to drop out. The removal of condensate from the b

Varec Biogas

245 Automatic Drip Trap

Varec Biogas 245 Drip Trap is designed to remove condensate automatically by utilizing a float operated needle valve. When condensate accumulates in the drip trap reservoir, it lifts the float whic

Varec Biogas

5700 Detonation Flame Arrester

The Varec Biogas 5700 Series Detonation Flame Arresters are designed and tested to arrest all possible flame fronts of varying operating pressures and speeds, including long run stable and overdriv

Varec Biogas

SSV Safety Selector Valve

The Safety Selector Valve is designed specifically to function as an effective ‘switch-over’ device that permits routine or emergency servicing of redundant pressure relief devices with

Varec Biogas

220VP Viewport Inspection Cover

The unit comes with a weatherhood cover to protect the polycarbonate or glass observation window. It comes with a two-sided neoprene wiper with lever handle to allow cleaning on both sides of the o

Varec Biogas

386 Back Pressure Regulator

The Varec Biogas 386 Series Back Pressure Regulator is intended for use in low pressure gas systems. It operates normally closed and will open when the upstream pressure reaches the regulator&rsquo

Varec Biogas

247 High Pressure Manual Drip Trap

Condensate removal from gas piping systems is necessary to protect piping and equipment from possible damage caused by corrosion or water hammer. In addition, water lying in low spots in piping can

Varec Biogas

211 Low Pressure Check Valve

The Varec Biogas 211 Series Low Pressure Check Valve is ideal for low pressure gas control lines where reversal of flow must be prevented. The check valve is normally installed downstream of (a) me

Varec Biogas

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