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13" × 36" HEPA Media Cartridge Filter

Description: Replacement HEPA Media Cartridge Filter   About Dust Collection Filtration Media Specifications Media Specifications Media Type: GE Certified, HEPA Media ePTFE Membran

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

GE Certified HEPA Media Filter Conversion Kit

Keep your shop clean by preventing ultra-fine dust from blowing out of your single-stage bag collector and into your shop air, with a best-in-filtration GE Certified HEPA Media Cartridge Filter.

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

Oneida Vortex® DCS Replacement HEPA Filter

Overview 15.3 sq/ft HEPA Cartridge Filter. Replacement unit for the Oneida Vortex® Dust Containment System

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

3HP Pro-1500 HEPA Dust Collector 230V / 1pH

The Pro Series 1500™ System is a patented designed 3hp Industrial Cyclonic HEPA Dust Collector – Made in America! It has a true high-efficiency, seam-welded, heavy-gauge steel cyclone b

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

1.5HP V-1500 HEPA Dust Collector 115V / 1pH

Our redesign of the V-System™ has increased airflow across the board thanks to the new streamlined shape and integrated neutral vane 7" diameter inlet. Now molded from a lightweight indu

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

Remote Start / Stop Station

Auxiliary start/stop station to be used with Oneida's industrial magnetic starters. These stations can be hard-wired into the main starter to provide additional locations to control the system. Requir

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

Rotary Air Lock

Fully seam-welded cold rolled steel Durable, powder coated finish Easily replaceable seals 1/4HP, 230V, 3 Phase, durable, and quiet 13 rpm rotation for less seal wear Volume per

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

2HP Dust Gorilla Portable HEPA Collector 220V 1pH

The Oneida's new Dust Gorilla Portable™ units offer flexibility and mobility not found in a fixed / central dust collection system. They collect dust very efficiently down to the smallest

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

Industrial Dust Cobra 17 Gal HEPA Dust Extractor

The Industrial Dust Cobra® is built for jobs other vacuums can't handle Weighing in at only 45lbs and with 3x the air performance of normal shop vacuums the Industrial Dust Cobra® i

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

1.5HP Mini Gorilla Portable HEPA Collector 110V

The Mini-Gorilla™ is a patented, portable cyclone collector. It has a true high efficiency cyclone with ultra-fine separation, minimizing loss of suction and filter clogging. It's industr

Oneida Air Systems Inc.

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