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The Pro-Vac System is specifically designed to meet the solvent recycling and hazardous waste problems of today's machining operations.  This unique system allows the facility generati

Progressive Recovery Inc


The Plate-Vac™ unit has been designed specifically for solvent recovery applications in flexographic plate processing operations.  altPlumbed directly to a plate processor, the Plate

Progressive Recovery Inc

Dehydration Systems

Industrial Solvents can become contaminated with water for a variety of reasons. From atmospheric sources to process blending, water contamination can lead to large volumes of solvents being discar

Progressive Recovery Inc

Aqueous Washer

The PRI "Total Wash System" is an environmentally friendly wash system designed to lower your operating costs.   The system includes a parts washer, wash solution recovery unit, stor

Progressive Recovery Inc


The SWS 400 is the workhorse of the PRI line of washers. If you need to wash parts three shifts per day and cycle time is critical, this is the unit for you.  altThe PRI "Total Wash S

Progressive Recovery Inc

Model SC Solvent Recycling System

PRI’s SC Series non-scraped solvent distillation units (pot stills) are designed for a wide range of applications to recover waste solvent with typically less than 10% solids content.  I

Progressive Recovery Inc

Model SCR Solvent Recycling Unit

The SCR Series Solvent Recycling Unit, designed for dirty solvent with high solids content, incorporates PRI’s exclusive rotating scraper blade assembly to assure optimum efficiency and consi

Progressive Recovery Inc

MODEL LSR Solvent Recycling Unit

The Series LSR solvent distillation units, the heavy-duty work horse of the PRI line, is built to handle difficult and large scale waste streams.   alt An ASME Code, stainless steel ve

Progressive Recovery Inc

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