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Mini Steel Tank

Applications:   The mini steel tank is ideal for smaller sites typical of refineries, industrial, construction, and manufacturing industries where there is little space. The mini steel

Evergreen Tank

Mix Tank

Provide for thorough mixing, agitation and circulation of stored liquids with other products in a steel mixer tank. Each mixer is controlled separately to meet your mix needs.   Featur

Evergreen Tank


Cutting angles, especially compound angels, is no one’s favorite job. Setting stops, settings angles, check and rechecking, what a waste of time! Instead of doing all that, you could be using


TigerSaw 1000™’

TigerSaw 1000™’s big brother! TigerSaw XL™ takes on the heaviest jobs with all the features and benefits of TigerSaw 1000™. TigerSaw XL™ comes equipped with a Tige



If you think oil is expensive, try a 55 gallon drum of mixed hardwood scrap! You probably paid in the range of $278 to $340 for that material by the time it hits your cut-off saw! Makes oil look ch



High quality parts from low grade stock. With rising raw material costs, being able to efficiently cut around defects and optimize your material can be your secret competitive weapon. 



For your heavy loads, get heavy duty power! The HD2™ offers 2100 lbs (952 Kg) of pushing capacity. When no other machine can push it, pull it, or position it, HD2™’s rack and pini



If you need speed, TigerTurbo™ can operate at up to 375 feet per minute (114 m/min) with its steel reinforced belt. If pushing capacity is your game, TigerTurbo™ can push 350 lbs (158 K



Accuracy and precision for heavier loads. TigerRack™ offers precision, accuracy and speed for your industrial applications. TigerRack™’s precision rack and pinion drive system


TigerFence Straight Line Rip

We all know what a waste of time it is to reposition the fence on your straight line rip saw to achieve maximum yields.  As a result, operators typically make all similar cuts at once, setting


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