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MCS1500 Automated Unit

Evergreen Tank Solutions MCS1500 Strainer is perfect for high-capacity straining needs. Its magnetically coupled actuation eliminates the need for dynamic seals. This technology provides quick and

Evergreen Tank

Moduline Series 1, 2, & 4 Bag Filter

Evergreen Tank Solutions Moduline multiple single bag housing assembly provides  efficient assembly of two or more single bag housing units. Moduline is a space saving design that can be readi

Evergreen Tank

Mini Steel Tank

Applications:   The mini steel tank is ideal for smaller sites typical of refineries, industrial, construction, and manufacturing industries where there is little space. The mini steel

Evergreen Tank

Mix Tank

Provide for thorough mixing, agitation and circulation of stored liquids with other products in a steel mixer tank. Each mixer is controlled separately to meet your mix needs.   Featur

Evergreen Tank


Bioretention applications can also be integrated into the StormTrap system to filter stormwater runoff and achieve flow attenuation.


Stormwater Harvesting

Stormwater Harvesting StormTrap offers stormwater applications that collect stormwater on site for use in irrigation or greywater inside buildings.



The StormTrap system provides a large infiltrative surface area that allows water to recharge back into the native soil.



StormTrap’s customized sedimentation systems are designed to your project’s specific particle size removal efficiencies.


Oil/Water Separation

Eliminate oil, grease, fats and other hydrocarbons with StormTrap’s separation systems.



StormTrap offers filtration systems that are designed to remove pollutants utilizing various media


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