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Plaster Delay-Set

Category: Pool Plaster Products USE Plaster Delay-Set is an additive designed to slow down the set of plaster. It will not discolor or affect final strength of the plaster. Used as directed, one bag


Bolt Hole Flange Protectors

MOCAP Bolt Hole Flange Protectors are the most commonly used flange protectors in the industry. Our MBH series products provide for easy installation and removal and are designed to protect flanges


Pipe Plugs

MOCAP Pipe Plugs are designed to fit many different styles and sizes of threaded pipe ends, allowing for for maximum flexibility. Designed to secure Metric, BSP and NPT threads from damage and cont


Vinyl Corner Covers

MOCAP Vinyl Plastic Corner Covers are flexible but tough corner protectors. These plastic corner covers stretch just enough for a perfect fit on the corners of glass and other flat square corner pr


Silicone Rubber Tubing

MOCAP Silicone Rubber Tubing is extruded from a specially formulated silicone with a hardness rating of 60 Shore A and heat stabilized to ensure re-use at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).


Flat Vinyl Plastic Caps and Grips

MOCAP offers many sizes of Flat Vinyl Plastic Caps and Grips.  Vinyl dip molded flat rectangular cross section caps and grips are durable yet stretch just enough to provide a secure fit on


Round Vinyl Grips

MOCAP dip molded vinyl plastic grips improve appearance and comfort for items with handles, levers or grips. Our round vinyl grips are available in a variety of materials, colors, hardness duromete


Vinyl Hex Plastic Caps

MOCAP Hex Shape Vinyl Plastic Caps are tough yet flexible. These hex plastic caps stretch just enough for a perfect fit on hex head bolts, nuts and fittings. MOCAP hex plastic caps are perfect for


Round Vinyl Hanger Caps

MOCAP Vinyl Plastic Hanger Caps are tough yet flexible. The body of the hanger cap stretches just enough to apply, yet provide a strong hold and tight fit. Unlike our other plastic caps, vinyl hang


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