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Lactulose Solution, USP for Oral and Rectal Administration

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Lactulose Solution, USP DESCRIPTION: 10 g/15 mL Solution COMPARE TO: Cephulac® by Aventis SIZE: 473 mL UNIT OF SALE: 1 TYPE: Rx ORANGE BOOK: AA


Ephedrine Sulfate Injection, USP

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ephedrine Sulfate Injection, USP DESCRIPTION: 50 mg/mL Single-dose Ampule COMPARE TO: Ephedrine Sulfate by Hospira SIZE: 1 mL UNIT OF SALE: 10 TYPE: Rx


Diclofenac Sodium Ophthalmic Solution

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Diclofenac Sodium Ophthalmic Solution DESCRIPTION: 0.1% Sterile Ophthalmic Solution COMPARE TO: Voltaren® by Novartis SIZE: 2.5 mL UNIT OF SALE: 1 TYPE:


Chlorothiazide Sodium for Injection

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Chlorothiazide Sodium for Injection DESCRIPTION: 0.5 g Lyophilized White Powder Vial COMPARE TO: Sodium Diuril® by Lundbeck SIZE: N/A UNIT OF SALE: 1 TY


Clobetasol Propionate Cream, USP

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Clobetasol Propionate Cream, USP DESCRIPTION: 0.05% Topical Cream COMPARE TO: Temovate® by PharmaDerm SIZE: 15 g UNIT OF SALE: 1 TYPE: Rx ORANGE BO


Benztropine Mesylate Injection

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Benztropine Mesylate Injection DESCRIPTION: 1 mg/mL Ampule COMPARE TO: Cogentin® by Lundbeck SIZE: 2 mL UNIT OF SALE: 5 TYPE: Rx ORA


Acetic Acid Otic Solution, USP

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Acetic Acid Otic Solution, USP DESCRIPTION: 2% Otic Solution COMPARE TO: VoSol® by ECR Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc. SIZE: 15 mL UNIT OF SALE: 1 TYPE: Rx


Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Oral Solution, USP CV

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Oral Solution, USP CV DESCRIPTION: 120 mg/12 mg per 5 mL Cherry Flavored Oral Solution CV COMPARE TO: Tylenol® with Codeine by O


Countertop UV Sanitizer

They started life in your turbulent toilet bowl, but one lucky flush sent them flying in an aerosol spray to land in the moist, happy harbor that is your toothbrush. Now they’re raising famil


UV Dental Spa

Month after month, year after year, your mouth works hard to get you through the day. It chews your food at lunch, chews the fat at the water cooler, and chews out that guy who honks his horn the s


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