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Fend-all® Pure Flow 1000® Emergency Eye Wash

Fend-all® Pure Flow 1000® Emergency eyewash station features a fluid pressure balancing system that renders a constant fluid flow rate and stream height that offers 0.4 gpm for the entire 1


Fend-all® 16 Ounce Bottle Eyesaline® Sperian Personal Sterile Eye Wash Solution

Fend-all® Eyesaline® Sperian Sterile Saline Personal eyewash Solution comes in a 16 ounce capacity bottle and is designed for flushing nuisance particles such as pollen, dust, sawdust, smok


Silica High Temperature welding Blankets And Curtains

Silica Welding Blankets & Curtains 6'x6' 36 oz. Tan Excellent extreme heat protection for personnel and equipment. Guards against welding sparks, splatter and splash.


Yellow High Temperature welding Blankets And Curtains

Yellow High-Temp. Welding Blankets & Curtains. 10'x10' 24 oz. Yellow Durable coated fiberglass welding blankets and curtains are suitable for a wide range of welding app


Black High Temperature Welding Blankets And Curtains

Blank Coated Fiberglass Welding Blankets & Curtains 6'x6' 21 oz. Black Tough abrasion-resistant blankets & curtains for heavy duty welding applications. Provides


Heat Treated High Temperature Fiber Glass Blankets And Curtains

Heat Treated Fiberglass Welding Blankets and Curtains 3'x4' 18 oz. Tan Great welding blanket and curtains for light duty lagging and welding. Resists most acids, alkalis


Silicone Coated High Temprature Fiber Glass Welding Blankets & Curtains

Silicone Coated Fiberglas Welding Blankets & Curtains. Colors: Gray. 6'x6'. Weight: 17 oz. Blankets and curtains are heat resistant, tear and puncture resistant and impe


High Temperature Fabrics And Textiles

Custom fabricated high performance textile products for a variety of specialized applications. Depending on your application and performance requirements, we have over 35 types of high temperat


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