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Soaker Hoses

Soaker hose systems are also known as drip irrigation systems. Soaker hoses are special hoses with thousands of tiny holes that let the water drip out slowly and consistently. Soaker hose systems a

K-CO Innovations

Water Meters

The Save A Drop Meter is a simple way to make sure your plants aren’t being overwatered. The easy-to-read LCD display calculates both single-use and accumulative watering volume, giving you t

K-CO Innovations

Mechanical Water Timer

Simply set desired watering time and this handy mechanical timer shuts off water for you! Allows you to turn on your hose or sprinkler, leave the house and get on with your day without having to re

K-CO Innovations

Soil Moisture Meter

Details Simply insert the probe to root level and read the meter. The meter will tell you if plants are getting too much or too little water, eliminating two major reasons for plant failure. Gr

K-CO Innovations

GeiserMiser® Automatic Sprinkler Shut-off Valve

Spring-loaded; Stops water flow to broken sprinkler; Allows other sprinklers to operate normally, with no loss of pressure; Works no matter where damage occurs – sprinkler head, nozzle, or ri

K-CO Innovations


The Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger is the most effective toilet plunger available today at any price. Used by Professional Maintenance companies, this hi-quality, made-in-USA product is n

K-CO Innovations


The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is pound for pound the most effective, water-efficient nozzle you can buy. Fits any standard hose and adjusts from powerful sweeper to spray for watering plants, to

K-CO Innovations


Introducing the new Computer Scooter from K-CO Innovations, made in the USA! The smart solution for keeping your computer cool, clean and easily accessible. This high-quality product is like a bed

K-CO Innovations

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