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Air Circulating Seat Cushion

Built-in fan designed to draw in cool air and circulate it throughout the seat Adjustable control to set the perfect cooling level for you Adjustable straps to keep cushion

WAGAN Corporation

Bead/Rattan Cool Cover

High-quality wood beads are intricately woven to provide soothing back and leg massage. These beads stay cool on hot days, and the spacing between the beads allow excellent air ventilatio

WAGAN Corporation

Deluxe Ergo Comfort Rest

10 strategically placed super Bio-Magnets Soothing heat relaxes tense muscles, increases blood circulation, and allows the massage to penetrate deeper into muscle tissues Lumbar support pro

WAGAN Corporation

Café Express Thermos

34 fl oz / 1 liter capacity Convenient carrying strap Keeps liquids warm Cap also usable as cup Easily attaches to car door with metal clip

WAGAN Corporation

Ceramic Heated Travel Mug

Capacity: 16 fl oz (473 ml) Heat up beverages around 149°F (65°C) in 30 minutes Preserves temperature up to 2 hours after the mug is unplugged from the car Detachable 12V power

WAGAN Corporation

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