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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Convenient, easy to read dashboard display/receiver Monitor tire pressure and temperature Easy installation Extend the life of your tires Improve fuel efficiency Audible alarm i

WAGAN Corporation

Wireless Reverse Camera

Easy Do-It-Yourself or shop installation Safely reverse around pedestrians and obstacles Aids in parking and reduces driver blind spots Clear 2½” color TFT LCD display

WAGAN Corporation

Elite™ 200W PRO

Special Features in the PRO models Built-in mounting points Tablet compatible USB power ports   Specifications Input voltage: 11 V to 15 V DC Output voltage: 115V &plus

WAGAN Corporation

Smart AC™ Flight150 USB+

Run and charge your electronics in your car, boat, RV, or even on the airplane! 2.1 Amp USB power port can now charge tablet, smartphone and cell phone, as well as many other mobile electronics

WAGAN Corporation

Smart AC™ 80 USB

TrueRated™ Power: 80 W Peak Surge Power: 220 W AC Voltage Output: 110 V USB Output: 0.5 A Sine Wave Form: Modified Optimum Efficiency: 90% Input Voltage Range: 10 V to

WAGAN Corporation

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