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Flame Detector FMX 5000 IR

This Flame detector is commonly referred to as the "Triple IR Detector" because it offers a 3 channel IR analysis in the 2.0-6.0 micron range. It is designed to detect open flames that ca


Heat Detector WMX 5000

This detector is a sophisticated thermal sensor that will alarm when a pre-set fixed temperature is exceeded and when an abnormal rate of heat rise is detected. It has the advantage of being able t


Spark Detector FUX 3001 L-1E

The standard sensor described above can be fitted with a fiberoptic assembly (light conductor) that allows the detector to be used in applications where constant operating temperatures exceed 176 D


Spark Detector FUX 3001-E

This highly sensitive detector responds to IR in the .78-1.2 micron range. Its high degree of sensitivity requires its use in dark, closed environments such as pneumatic ductwork. The detector has



Detecting a spark in a pneumatic material transport duct at speeds that often exceeds 5,000 feet per minute requires a very sensitive and very fast sensing device. The FUX 3001-E Spark Detector pro


Control Panels

Control panels are sized based upon the requirements of the application. A number of models with various features are available. Panels can range from the most basic single zone console to sophisti


Card Access

We use state-of-the-art equipment to customize each Card Access system to your company's needs.    By restricting access through specific doors, you can limit risk to your bui

Mountain Alarm

Fire Alarm System

A Fire Alarm system can make the difference of life or death in the event of a fire. We offer both commercial and residential fire alarm solutions. Everything from monitoring flow and tamper to fir

Mountain Alarm

Electronic Security Systems

An electronic security system adds a barrier of protection to your home that is unparalleled. What we provide is peace of mind. At Mountain Alarm we also realize that every customer is unique. That

Mountain Alarm

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