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Gusset Plate Magnet

Unique! Developed by Customer Demand for quick parallel plane alignment, locating, and clamping of Gussets, Base Plates, and Panels.   This low-profile Gusset Plate Magnet provides

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PowerBase™ Grounding Magnet

Power through your grounding applications! Start grounding instantly!   The PowerBase™ Grounding Magnet sets up quickly and easily. Powerful rare earth magnet delivers heavy

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JointMaster Angle Clamping Tools

The 90° Fixed JointMaster™   Retractable plate for edge alignment. V-Grooves for holding round pieces. Ideal for holding two pieces of different thicknesses that requ

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Pipe Pliers

The convenient way to hold round or square tubes for butt-welding.   Wide opening allows the Pipe Pliers to hold up to 2-1/2"(64 mm) diameter pipes. Adjustable top spindle for

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Half Clamps

The DOG & WEDGE and CUT-OFF C-CLAMP methods of material alignment are messy, time consuming, and unsafe! Align materials in the fabrication of water tanks, bulkheads, deck sections,flat pla

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Locking Chain Pliers

The flexibility to clamp around odd shaped items!   Holds 6" (152 mm) pipes with the standard 24" (60 mm) chain.   Clamp around odd or awkwardly shaped items.

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MagSpring™ Clamps

Quick-Set Clamps for fast, convenient clamping.   The spring-loaded, one-handed clamp with quick-set magnetic V-Pad.   - The Spring Loaded Arm allows users to free up one

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Expand-O Pliers

Unique, Reverse-Action Clamping Pliers!   Jaws move in opposite directions to push against two surfaces.   Clamp around odd or awkwardly shaped items. Hold two workpie

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